Snowman Basket Pattern

Size: 4" x 1.5" x 6"

Snowman Basket Instruction Sheet New for the 1999 Holidays!

1999 by GH Productions Inc. The Basket Maker's Catalog

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Easy to make and lots of fun, the Snowman Basket measures 4" x 1.5" x 6". The base is an open plain weave, and the sides are independent rows of 3/16" Flat Reed. The green stripe and small wire Snowman complete this 1999 Holiday Ornament Basket.

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12 ft. - 3/8" Flat Reed - Stakes Item 1038F Add
2 ft. - 1/4" Dyed Forest Green Flat Reed - Stake Item FG14F Add
33 ft. - 3/16" Flat Reed - Weavers Item 1316F Add
1 ft. - #5 Round Reed - Rim Filler Item 2050F Add
3 ft. - 3/8" Flat Oval Reed - Rims Item 3338F Add
1 ea. - Small Ash Side Handle Item 2302E Add
1 ea. - Small Snowman Wire Hanger Item 2438E Add
1 ft. - Yarn - for Snowman's Scarf Item YARNF Add

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1. This basket can easily be woven and shaped by hand or woven over a wooden mold. If you'd like to use a mold, a two-by-four of wood is simple and easy to find. Cut off a 5" piece from the end of a two-by-four. (The two-by-four will measure 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 5".) Sand the edges and corners of your mold with 100 - 150 grit sandpaper. The edges should be round and smooth. Also, sand the sides of the mold if needed.

Notes: Work with your material fairly damp while weaving. Rinse the dyed reed and wipe it with a paper towel before using. As you weave, gently adjust the stakes to keep them vertical and to maintain a pleasing shape. Keep your weaving even, and do not leave spaces between rows.

Fig 1

2. Cut 5 pieces (stakes) 13" long from 3/8" Flat Reed.

3. Cut 3 stakes 15" long from 3/8" Flat Reed.

4. Cut 1 stake 13" long from 1/4" DYED Green Flat Reed. You now have 9 stakes for your basket.

5. Mark each stake 5 3/4" from each end. Make the marks on the rough side of the reed. See Fig. 1.

Figure 2

6. Wet your stakes and interweave them (rough side up) to form a 3 1/2" x 1 1/2" base. Use the pencil marks as placement guides. See Fig. 2. Holding the 3 15" stakes on the table, weave 4 13" long stakes, the green 1/4" stake and the last 13" long stake across the 15" stakes. About 5 3/4" of each stake should extend beyond the woven base.

Figure 3

7. Re-wet the base. Bend each stake upward and crease each stake at a right angle to the edge of the base. See Fig. 3. Now you have a base with uprights.

Figure 4

8. If using a mold, place the base on the end of your mold and hold the uprights against the mold with a rubber band. Position the rubber band at the end of the mold farthest from the base of your basket. See Fig. 4.


9. Using a wet thin piece of 3/16" Flat Reed, weave over and under the uprights around the basket just above the base. When you have woven completely around, cut the weaver to overlap on itself for a distance of 4 uprights. Hide the ends of your weaver behind the uprights. Keep the basket against the mold as you weave. Note: It's easier to weave if you release the upright from the rubber band when you weave behind that upright. Replace the upright under the rubber band and proceed with the next "stitch." See Fig. 5.

Figure 6

10. Start the second row on the opposite side of your basket. Alternate the overlaps from one side to the other side as you weave. After three or four rows of weaving, remove the rubber band from the mold.

IMPORTANT -The mold will get trapped in the basket unless you slide the basket down the mold after weaving every 3 or 4 rows. There should be only 3 or 4 rows of weaving on the mold at any given time. If the basket will not move, let it dry and remove 1 row at a time until you are able to slide the basket down the mold. Continue weaving 2 or 3 rows, slide the basket down 2 or 3 rows, continue weaving, etc. until you have woven 19 to 21 rows.

Staple the top row of weaving to the uprights with a regular desktop stapler. Staple 6 to 8 places (spread evenly) around your basket. Using pliers, squeeze the tips of the staples into your reed if needed. Cut the end of each upright even with the top of your last row. See Fig. 6.

Figure 7

11. Insert the base of the wire Snowman behind some weavers on the outside of your basket and tie the Snowman to the basket with a piece of yarn. See Photo and Fig. 7.

Figure 8

12. Position the handle in the center of the "back" of the basket. Insert the ends of the handle behind a weaver on the inside of your basket. The shelf notch should be level with the bottom of the top row. You may have to sharpen or taper the ends of your handle so they will slide behind the weaver. See Fig. 8.

13. Cut your inside and outside rims from 3/8" Flat Oval Reed. The outside rim length is the distance around the top of your basket plus about 2" for the overlap. The inside rim will be a bit shorter. Carve away some of the thickness where the rims overlap to form a less bulky overlap. Cut a piece of #5 Round Reed for your rim filler. Soak rims and filler; attach these with twist ties or clothespins around the top row of your basket. (Place the flat side of each rim toward the basket.) Position the inside rim overlap at the front of the basket and place the outside rim overlap at the back. Push the #5 Round Reed down between the two rims and either trim the ends of the #5 Round Reed to form an overlap or cut the ends so they butt together.

Figure 9

14. Secure a piece of 3/16" Flat Reed (from the inside of the basket) between two uprights, under the inside rim, under the filler and under the outside rim. Turn the lashing so that its smooth side will be out as you lash over the rims. See Fig. 9.

Figure 10

15. Working left to right from the outside of your basket, lash over the rims and between each of the uprights. Pull the lashing tight around the rims with each stitch. Remove the clothespins or twist ties as you progress. See Fig. 10.

Figure 11

16. To finish, tuck the end of your lashing behind one weaver on the inside of your basket. Bend that end upward and tuck it under one weaver. Trim the excess lashing See Fig. l1.

Gently shape the basket if needed.

Enjoy your Snowman Basket!

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