10 inch Swing Handle with Ears

Handcrafted in our shop in Scottsville, Kentucky.

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Great Handles, especially where you want to add variety to your favorite baskets. Beautiful White Oak Swing Handles with Notched Ears are simple to use. (10" Swing Handle fits a basket 9 - 10" diameter and measures 17 1/4" tip to tip; ear notches are cut to accept 1/2" rim material.) Just slide the smoothly tapered ends of the handcrafted ears into your basket, place your rims into the notches and lash the rims together. With a little imagination you'll find all kinds of baskets that adapt well to Swing Handles.  Handcrafted in our shop in Scottsville, Kentucky.

The 10" swing handles are dried slightly smaller than 10". In the real world these handles absorb moisture over time and spread out. If you need the spread of the handle to be 10" just grab the handle near the holes where the ears are and pull. The handle will spread out just a little. Keep gently pulling until the handle measures 10". Do not worry about breaking the handle.

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10 inch Swing Handle with Ears