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Oak Weaver's Stain - Ships within continental US only

Easy-to-use spray Danish Oil finish ....

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Easy-to-use spray Danish Oil finish beautifully penetrates, seals and finishes your reed baskets.  Once your basket is completed and manicured, tap any loose particles off and apply a coat of Tung Oil enriched Weaver's Stain. 

Shake can and hold 6 - 10 inches from surface.  Spray evenly--spraying the bottom of the basket first, then the sides, moving to the rim.  If your basket has a handle, spray handle last and wipe with a clean cloth.  Allow Stain to dry for 24 hours before using your basket.  Weaver's Stain is also a great sealer and finisher for wood cabinets, wood furniture and wood floors.  Always use in a well-ventilated area.  More detailed application instructions can be found on the product label.  11 oz. 

Stain will be shipped by FedEx--this product available in the continental US only.

Spray contains tung oil base stain, urethane resin, mineral spirits and propellants - No Fluorocarbons, Lead or Benzene in formula.

When using this stain please read Important Tips on the Label and follow these practices:

After each use, to avoid clogging of spray nozzle and cylinder, turn can upside down and press nozzle about 2 seconds then wipe off the spray nozzle.

Use mineral spirits to clean up - If nozzle clogs, you can remove the nozzle and soak it in mineral spirit.

To use total contents, hold spray button and rotate can.

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Oak Weaver's Stain - Ships within continental US only