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Give a friend a Gift Certificate from The Basket Maker's Catalog. Gift certificates start at $10 and may be mailed to you or your friend.

Step 1: Enter a value in the quantity field. The Gift Certificate will be worth the quantity field value times $10. Example: Change the quantity field to 3 and your gift certificate will be issued in the amount of $30.00.

Step 2: Click "Add To Cart" button.

Step 3: Leave us a message with the recipient's name, etc.when you checkout.

Step 4: Click on the "Cart" link at the top of the page or continue shopping.

Gift Certificates from the Baskets Maker's Catalog are valid for 90 days from the date received. Note: The shipping charge is reduced for a Gift Certificate only. You will be able to pick this shipping as you go through the checkout process.  If you have other items in your basket then normal shipping charges will apply. After the Gift Certificate is added to your shopping basket, your Gift Certificate may be changed (if needed) by clicking on the "Cart" link at the top of the page.  


To Redeem a Gift Certificate:  Enter your online order.  Go to Checkout and on the Address Page (Step 3) you'll find a place to leave us a comment.  Enter your Gift Certificate Number and the dollar amount of the Gift Certificate in the Comment Field.  On the Payment Page (Step 5) the total will show the amount before using your Gift Certificate.  We will adjust your order by the amount of your Gift Certificate before we process your order.

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