Reed Organizer with 6 Straps

Reed Organizer with 6 Straps

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The Reed Organizer (Single) has 6 straps to help you keep your bundles of reed and cane well organized.  This system will hold up to two pounds of material in each of its 6 straps--that's 12 pounds of material.

Hang the Strap on a nail or hook on your wall, or hang it on a hanger or rod in a closet.

Convenient and easy-to-use, the Organizer Strap gives you a place to store an amazing quantity of reed where you can see it easily, allow air flow around the reed coils, and have access to what you need without searching through boxes or bags. 

To organize smaller coils, bases, patterns, etc. hang tote bags by their handles and keep smaller items inside the totes.  It's also a handy piece of equipment for cords, ropes and other items that can be coiled up.

Supply is limited. Call 270-237-4821 for availability.

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Reed Organizer with 6 Straps