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Chip Carving Knife

Great for carving handles ribs or rims. Before we ship this Chip Carving Knife to you one of our...

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Great for carving handles, ribs or rims. Before we ship this Chip Carving Knife to you, one of our guys in the woodshop hones the blade so it's ready for you to use. The 1.5" blade holds a very keen edge. Plus, the 7.5" hardwood handle comfortably fits your hand. The perfect tool for carving rims and ribs for your baskets.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to carve a basket rib from round reed.

In the video above I am demonstrating a very safe way to carve your basket materials.

I learned this technique from Lestel Childress who was a master white oak basket maker from the Mammoth Cave region of Kentucky.

With a scrap of denim on your knee, place the material on your knee. Now hold your knife steady and pull the material under the knife. Adjust the angle of the blade so it only cuts a small amount at a time.

This technique is very safe because the knife blade is not moving and your leg is protected by the denim.

With a little practice you'll be able to sharpen the ribs for your egg baskets or carve the overlap for your rims quickly and safely.

Remember the knife blade stays steady while you move the material under the knife blade.

Thanks for watching.

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Chip Carving Knife