Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Product Categories on my mobile device?

  • When using a mobile device the product categories may not be visible.
  • Step 1. Click the Menu Icon.
  • The Menu Icon is the green box with three horizontal lines.
  • Step 2. Click the "+" sign ( "plus" sign ) to display the product categories.
  • See image here - opens in new window.

I forgot my password.

  • Step 1. Click "forgot your password" link at the Authentication screen.
  • Step 2. At the "FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD" screen - Enter your email and click "Retrieve Password >".
  • Step 3. Check your email.
  • Step 4. Click the link in your email ( To confirm this action, please use the following link..... ).
  • Step 5. At the web-site you'll see the message: "Your password has been successfully reset and a confirmation has been sent to your email address:".
  • Step 6. Check your email AGAIN.
  • Step 7. Your new password will be in your email.
  • Step 8. Return to the Authentication screen and using your email address and new password - SIGN IN.
  • See image here - opens in new window.

PayPal says: "The merchant requires a US billing address for all purchases made using PayPal."

  • This is just an Informational Message from PayPal and is NOT an Error Message.
  • If your address is a US address, you should not have a problem using PayPal.
  • PayPal will not work for International Orders.

How do I use a voucher / coupon?

  • At the SHOPPING-CART SUMMARY you'll see VOUCHERS / COUPONS in the lower left.
  • Click the Voucher or enter the Name of the Voucher in the text input box. (The name of the voucher will be listed in the voucher area)
  • Click OK - You will not get a discount until you click OK.
  • The Discount Amount will be displayed in your shopping cart.
  • See image here - opens in new window.

To Redeem a Gift Certificate: 

  • Enter your order online.
  • Go to Checkout and on the Address Page (Step 3) you'll find a place to leave us a comment.
  • Enter your Gift Certificate Number and the dollar amount of the Gift Certificate in the Comment Field.
  • On the Payment Page (Step 5) the total will show the old amount, NOT the amount less the Gift Certificate.
  • If you pay with your credit card, we will adjust your order by the amount of your Gift Certificate before we process your order.
  • If you pay with PayPal, you'll receive a refund for the amount of the Gift Certificate.

May I ship to another address? Follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  • Yes, if you use INSTANT CHECKOUT enter the DELIVERY ADDRESS and click the check box “Please use another address for invoice” to enter your INVOICE ADDRESS.
  • If you have an account:
  • During the checkout process at step “03. ADDRESS” - Uncheck the box next to: ""
  • Click the "+ Add a new address" button and enter the new address. At the bottom of the page assign an 'address title' for future reference, such as “Home Address” or “Work Address”. 
  • Save the information and you will be taken back to the “03. ADDRESS” page.
  • Using the pull down menus you may now Choose a delivery address and you may Choose a billing address.
  • NOTE: You may enter as many addresses as you need. These addresses are saved so you may use them in the future.
  • See image here - opens in new window.

How much is shipping?

Do you ship to International Customers?

  • We do ship basket making and chair caning supplies to Canada and to some countries overseas. Before we ship an International order we will let you know the extra shipping charges via email. Your card will not be charged and your order will not be shipped until we have your approval. You will be responsible for any Customs charges.
  • Canada and International* - We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express payments for International and Canadian orders.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL for International and Canadian orders.
  • *If you order online - these special shipping charges ( Canada and International) will not show correctly on your final checkout screen. Your credit card however will be charged the correct amount once we have your approval.

How do I lookup or change my account info?

  • Login at the top right of the screen. Click on the link you desire at the the bottom of the page under “MY ACCOUNT”

How do I sign up for the Newsletter?

  • Enter your email address in the NEWSLETTER box at the lower left.
  • As you checkout you may select “Sign up for our newsletter!”
  • We use Mailer Mailer to send the Basket Maker's Catalog eNewsletter. You may unsubscribe at anytime.

I am having problems at checkout. I keep being sent back to the shopping cart.

  • It's probably the old Mac computers running Safari. Users should upgrade their Operating System and Web Browser when having this issue. The old operating systems/browsers will try to use SSL ( secure socket layer ) for the HTTPS ( secure transfer ) protocol. Thanks to Poodle and Heartbleed viruses, nobody is allowed to use SSL anymore in favor of the new TLS ( Transport Layer Security ). So some old operating systems will not let the user checkout.

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