More than Baskets by Carlos Fontale

More than Baskets by Carlos Fontale

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More than Baskets by Carlos Fontales conveys the art and the rich expression of traditional Spanish basketry; it explores materials and techniques and emphasizes the author's deep respect and understanding of the makers' knowledge and skill. Over the past 25 years Fontales has keenly researched the "people for whom the making of baskets or similar things is just one of the many activities they do in their daily life". 

What a fascinating treasure to read about the baskets and other woven articles made by people from various country and seaside villages and towns of Spain.  More than Baskets is also the title of an exhibition on Spanish basketry that opened in 2013 in the Netherlands' Vlechtmuseum.  61 pages; Spanish and English; over 70 color photos; softcover.

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More than Baskets by Carlos Fontale