Scrape the Willow Until It Sings

Scrape the Willow Until It Sings

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Julia Parker, Coast Miwok-Kashaya Pomo basket maker, carries the stories of baskets in her hands. A prolific artist, teacher, and storyteller, she makes baskets that carry the stories of an older California, of bracken fern patch and sedge bed, of all the Native women through the generations who gathered willow together.

But this book isn’t just a book about baskets; this collection of Parker’s flowing reminiscences falls somewhere between a spoken memoir that twists and winds with the beauty of coiled root, and a poetic tribute to the living traditions of California Indian women over the last two hundred years.

Alongside Parker’s sensitively photographed work, her words are stitched throughout with textile artist and scholar Deborah Valoma’s essays on the historical and philosophical implications of basketry from a non-Native perspective.

Paperback, 10 x 10, 272 pages, 104 color and black-and-white photographs.

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Scrape the Willow Until It Sings