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Twill Cathead Basket Pattern

"Although there is a basket pattern included here there's a lot more information than a "pattern"...

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"Although there is a basket pattern included here, there's a lot more information than a "pattern" usually includes. This is a response to those who want to get started with twills as well as to those who want to know how to design and weave more advanced twills. Since beginners tend to have trouble "seeing" twill designs as they weave, this set of instructions stresses continuously woven twills, but let it be understood from the outset that any twill can be woven using individual rounds (stop/start) if the twill repeat divides evenly into the stake count. As you become more adept at weaving twills, you may want to do more stop/start weaving. I have chosen to use a cat head shape as the basic basket in these instructions because it is the basket I like the best. What I have to say about designs, stake count, continuous weaving, etc.--in other words all the general information given here--applies to any style basket you choose to weave. And, yes, two of the baskets in the photo are technically squashies, but I wanted to include those particular twills in a way that you could see them..." Judith Olney, author: The pattern given is for a basket with a 4.25" square base. 

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Twill Cathead Basket Pattern