Jackie Abrams Workshop - Come Twine With Me

September 3 through September 5, 2020

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09/3/2020 - 09/5/2020


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Jackie's Workshop, originally scheduled for Sept. 3-5, 2020 has been cancelled

Contact Jackie via email to find out about her Virtual Workshops:  jackieabramsvt@gmail.com

Jackie Abrams Workshop  --  Come Twine With Me

sponsored by The Basket Maker's Catalog

3-day Workshop

September 3 - 5, 2020

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Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn from internationally acclaimed artist Jackie Abrams of Brattleboro, Vermont.  Jackie has been a fiber artist for over 40 years; she works intuitively, using a wide variety of diverse materials to inform the vessels she creates. Find out more about Jackie, her work and workshops:  Jackie Abrams

Come Twine With Me explores the ancient technique of twining as Jackie guides students to explore a variety of materials including waxed cotton, fabric, plastic bags, and wire.  Join us for an exciting and intense 3-day workshop for weavers of all levels.

Explore the ancient technique of twining, traditionally used to create functional baskets with long and flexible fibers. In this 3-day workshop you will experiment with numerous twining possibilities including variations of the twining technique, shaping, and the use of non-traditional materials.  Experimentation and laughter are encouraged! Beginning to advanced students are welcome to learn and investigate.

Class_2020_Jackie_ComeTwine.pdf size 120 KB Download PDF - Come Twine With Me class information.

Soft twining materials, waxed cotton, will be provided for your basket on day one; you can expect to complete a basket that’s about 3” tall x 6” x 6”. Your unusual and experimental materials will be most welcome for days two and three—see supply list below.

Workshop Location:  The Basket Maker’s Catalog • 521 E. Walnut St. • Scottsville, Kentucky 42164
3-Day Class Fee:  $425.00*          Weaving Level:  All levels, beginners to advanced
Daily Class Times:  (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CT
Deadline to Register:  July 29, 2020  

Registration:*  Call today 1-800-447-7008 or 270-237-4821 to sign up for Jackie’s Workshop.   Call Mon. - Fri.   8:00-4:30   Central Time.  When you register please choose a second weaver color, to compliment the black of your spokes and weavers, for your first-day project (choose from: red, natural, lime, black, medium blue).** Weaving  materials for your first-day basket are included in your class fee.  Payment of your class fee is due at time of registration; we gladly accept your personal check as well as American Express, Discover, VISA, and MasterCard. Your payment will not be processed until the first day of class.

If you would like to purchase additional spools of waxed cotton please order from us at the time you register. (Spokes $12.00/spool--colors available: black, dark brown, ivory, tan) - (Weavers** $8.00/spool--See color choices above.)  You’ll need 1 spool waxed cotton for spokes and 1.5 spools for weavers to make a basket that's about 3" tall x 6" x 6".

Students should bring the following to Class:   
 Your possibilities are endless!      
 You may opt to work with waxed cotton all three days or bring along other materials that interest you to use on days 2 and 3 of the workshop. In general, the (vertical) spokes are bigger/stronger than the weavers. They could be wire (e.g. 16 or 18 gauge), fibre rush, waxed cotton, waxed linen, plant fibers, clothesline, plastic bags. The weavers could be the same materials, just smaller, (e.g. 26 gauge wire) or something more flexible like fabric strips or strong threads (embroidery floss, pearl cotton, waxed linen).

 Materials can be combined. Many other materials will work. This workshop is to help you see the possibilities of materials.  Contact Jackie at jackieabramsvt@gmail.com with any questions you have.

Suggested sizes and amounts:

--A basket of plastic bags and strong thread uses about 18 bags.

--If you like miniature baskets, 4 and 7 ply waxed linen comes in beautiful colors.

--Note: Day 1 we'll use 3mm spokes and 2mm weavers of waxed cotton.

Tools: You’ll need tools to cut what you bring - scissors (both long bladed and small/sharp), wire cutter, awl, clothespins, tape measure or ruler.

*Class fee is non-refundable:  Class Handout, containing basic guidelines (this is not a comprehensive instruction), and waxed cotton to complete one basket will be mailed to anyone who registers but is unable to attend. Email us with questions: mail@basketmakerscatalog.com

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Jackie Abrams Workshop - Come Twine With Me