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Cane Seat

Chair Cane, the outer bark of the rattan palm vine,

is used for chairs that have a series of holes around the seat opening. Consult the chart below to determine the correct size Chair Cane for your chair.

A 1000 ft. coil is enough material to seat 4 average-sized chairs. The 250 ft. coil will seat 1 chair. (Plus, the 250 ft. coil includes the Binder Cane.)

Calculate the Amount and Size of Cane needed for your chair 

CodeDesc.Cane WidthHole Dia.Distance Between HolesSugg. Size Binder Cane
4200Carriage Fine1.5 - 1.75mm1/8"3/8"Fine Fine
4214Fine-Fine2.25mm3/16"1/2"Narrow Medium
40404mm Binder Cane4mm  
40505mm Binder Cane5mmBinder Canes
40606mm Binder Cane6mm  

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