Banded Double Wall Tote Pattern

Banded Double Wall Tote Pattern

by Annetta Kraayeveld

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Recommended Supply List Section

Materials / Supplies for 1 - Banded Double Wall Tote Pattern

Item Qty Add to Cart Desc. Cost Total
8338E1AddBanded Double Wall Tote Pattern$6.45$6.45
3370P1Add7mm Flat Oval Reed$18.95$18.95
1012P1Add1/2 inch Flat Reed$16.45$16.45
1070P1Add7mm Flat Reed$18.45$18.45
2030P1Add#3 Round Reed$15.95$15.95
3358F10Add5/8'' Flat Oval Reed$0.79$7.90
4073F5Add#3 Seagrass$0.40$2.00
3364F12Add11/64'' Flat Oval Reed$0.30$3.60
2646P1Add21 x 3/4 PLAIN Leather Hdls pair$12.95$12.95
M111E1AddDYED 1/4 Flat Amish Mix Multi-Clrs$11.95$11.95

NOTES: We recommend item # 8204 Dark Brown dye from Cushing to dye the reed in this basket

Supply List only includes 1 pattern. Remember to order more patterns if you need them.

Although we have taken extra care to assure these results are accurate, these results should only be used as a guide for your basket making.

The Detail Section displays the total feet/yards/eaches needed for your quantity of baskets and how many feet/yards are in a unit. This is the raw data with no conversion. This information is helpful when you want to know exactly how many feet you need.

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