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Ffoolstool Parts
Parts Tools Needed
4 - Square Legs Rubber Mallet or Hammer and Scrap of Wood
4 - Short Round Rungs Wood Glue
4 - Long Round Rungs Sandpaper

Note: Test fit parts before applying glue. The rungs should fit snugly in the holes. Sand the end of the rungs if necessary.

If the rungs fit a bit loosely, the gluing as described below and the seating material will hold the stool together.

Sand all parts with fine sandpaper before final assembly.

Footstool Diagram

The ends of each rung are cut at a 45 degree angle allowing the rungs to butt against each other inside the stool leg. Diagram is a top view showing rungs inside the leg.

Footstool Side

Apply glue to the ends of 2 short rungs and insert them into the legs.

See Photo for the position of the rungs.

Seat the rungs into the legs

Place one leg on a solid surface and seat the rungs by tapping with a rubber mallet. If you use a normal hammer place a scrap piece of wood on the leg before tapping.

If the rungs fit loosely, tie a cord around the legs to hold the rungs temporarily in place as the glue dries.

Footstool Frame Sides

Repeat this for the other short rungs and legs.

Footstool frame completed

Apply glue to the ends of the long rungs, insert into the holes in the legs and seat all the rungs using your rubber mallet or hammer. Wipe off any excess glue with a damp cloth. Allow glue to dry according to manufacturer's directions.

After glue is completely dry, wipe off any dust and apply a wood finish to the stool. Allow the finish to dry completely before weaving the seat.

Weave the seat with your favorite seating material.

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