Homemakers Basket

Homemakers Basket Pattern Sheet

Beth Hester
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This beautiful and sturdy basket was created for Janis Steele, President of the Meador Homemakers* Club. It's one of those baskets you'll enjoy weaving—just add your own variety of color and materials for the accent rows and you're set with a basket to use or one to give as a gift. Basket size: 12 in. diameter x 9 in. tall.

*The Extension Homemakers organization is part of the University of Kentucky and Kentucky State University off campus information network; it's an informal educational organization designed to help its members gain knowledge and skills to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and their communities. In Allen County one will find a truly great group of women who join together to learn and share ideas about health, the environment, managing resources, cultural arts (basket making, quilting, etc.), and other subjects. Make your own Homemakers Basket and celebrate the idea of learning!

Tools needed: Scissors or Shears, Pencil, Chip Carving Knife or Hand Plane, Clothespins (spring type), Container to hold water, Measuring Tape, Basketry Packing Tool or Bone Folder, Plastic Twist Ties or Cable Ties, Old Towel, Spray bottle for water, Sandpaper

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Materials / Supplies

Description Item Add to Cart
1 ea - 8" Round Pine Slotted Base Item 2128E Add
60 ft. - 5/8" Flat Reed - Stakes and Weavers Item 1058P Add*
12 ft - #2 Round Reed - Base Twining Item 2020F Add
35 ft. - 1/4" Flat Reed - Weavers and Lashing Item 1014F Add
12 ft. - 5/8" Braided Sea Grass - Weavers Item 4158E Add*
8 ft. - 1/2" Flat Reed Dyed Navy - Weavers Item NB12F Add
4 ft. - 3/8" Flat Reed - Last Row Item 1038F Add
8 ft. - 1/2" Flat Oval - Rims Item 3312F Add
4 ft. - #3 Sea Grass - Rim Filler Item 4073F Add
1 ea. - 12" Swing Handle with Ears - Handle Item 5012E Add

*This item has been rounded to 1 pound/coil because it is less expensive to purchase 1 pound/coil than to purchase the foot quantity.

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