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6" Nantucket Lightship Basket Kit

6 inch Nantucket Lightship Basket Kit
6" Nantucket Lightship Basket with Slotted Handle
Finally you can make an accurate reproduction of the famous Nantucket Lightship Basket.  Our exclusive Nantucket Lightship Basket Kit contains all the materials you need as well as a wonderfully detailed Instruction Booklet.  Mold (including rim mold) sold or rented separately.

The Nantucket Lightship Basket is challenging, but you will find it an infinitely rewarding basket to create.

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6" Nantucket Lightship Basket Kit - Visit our Online Store for prices.


6" Nantucket Kit with Molds - Visit our Online Store for prices.


6" Rental Mold (with rim mold) - Visit our Online Store for prices.

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