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Holiday Card Basket Kit

Holiday Card Basket - Size: 8" x 5" x 8" (including handle).

Holiday Card Basket Kit

Filled with your holiday cards, this basket will look great sitting on a table or hanging on your wall. Easy-To-Make with an 8" Ash Heart handle and dyed reed, the Holiday Card Basket is a unique basket you'll keep and use for years to come. These baskets make great gifts too!

In Addition. . . You and your friends can enjoy creating these easy-to-make baskets. Order Item number Q586 and you'll receive enough supplies for 6 Holiday Card Baskets plus 1 Instruction Sheet. Save $$$ over buying individual kits. We'll include Dyed Reed plus ample supplies.

Remember. . . Once your friends see your Holiday Card Basket they'll want one too. These make quick and easy gifts - they bring smiles to everyone receiving one from you. So, order plenty of supplies during this special offer sale and enjoy making baskets and saving money too!

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Holiday Card Basket Kit - Visit our Online Store for prices.


Holiday Card Basket Quantity (supplies for 6 baskets with 1 Instruction Booklet) - Visit our Online Store for prices.

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