County Fair Basket

Weaving a Towel Basket

The Towel Basket is ideal for hanging a hand towel or kitchen towel from the lower base. The basket itself could hold towels, dried flowers or even kitchen tools.

The following steps show how to start your basket using the Towel 'D' Handle.

Once you get started this basket is a quick and easy project that makes a wonderful gift!

On the basket to the left, the dyed rows where simply spliced into the weaving. Use your imagination and create your own special weaving pattern for your basket.

Tools Needed: 2 yards of Waxed Linen or string, clothespins, clamps, pencil.

(These instructions also apply to the 3 Pegs 'D' Handle).

Mark center

Step 1. Mark the center of the upper base.

The lower base is used for a towel and is not part of the weaving.

Add flat oval

Step 2. Cut a piece of 3/4" flat oval that will fit in between the vertical sides of the handle.

Clothespin the piece below the upper base and tie in place with waxed linen as shown in the photo. The waxed linen will be removed later.

The rounded side of the flat oval will be facing down.

Add flat reed

Step 3. Cut 7 pieces 20" long from 5/8" flat reed. Soak for a minute or two. Wrap around the upper base and flat oval then secure the ends with clothespins. The smooth side of the flat reed should be facing "out".

These are the uprights of your basket. Notice the flat oval on the bottom of the upper base gives the uprights a nice gentle curve instead of an abrupt crease as they wrap around the base.

At this point it would be difficult to start weaving.

Therefore, in the next steps we will secure the uprights so the weaving will be much easier.

Clamp assembly

Step 4. Clamp another piece of 3/4" flat oval to the upper base to hold the uprights in place. This piece will be discarded when the basket is finished.

Using a piece of Waxed Linen securely tie on either side of the center upright.

Use the pencil mark as a guide and make sure the center upright is in the center. Remove the clamps.

Tie assembly

Step 5. Space the 5/8" uprights evenly across the upper base and tie securely in each space with waxed linen.

Notice there is a small space between the uprights and the vertical part of the handle.

Notice also that all the waxed linen is showing so it may be cut and removed when the basket is finished.

Start weaving

Step 6. Soak a weaver and weave one row around the basket as shown and overlap the ends for a distance of four uprights. Hide the ends of the weaver. We are using a plain weave for this basket - over one, under one, etc. and each row will be independent.

Secure the splice with a clothespin. 1/2" flat reed is being used for this demonstration.

Notice the weaver is INSIDE the handle.

Continue weaving

Step 7. Start the second row on the opposite side of the basket. As you weave keep the uprights evenly spaced and vertical. The rows of weaving should touch each other.

The second row will wrap around the handle on the outside as you weave. Finish the second row with a splice.

Keep weaving

Step 8. This shows three rows completed. Alternate the splices so they are not all on the same side.

Remove the clothespins from the ends of the uprights and continue weaving to the desired height using the pattern and colors of your choice.

TIP: Instead of tucking the uprights on the last row, just use a desktop stapler and staple the last row to the uprights. The staples will be covered by your rims.

After cutting the uprights flush with the last row, finish the basket with the rims and lashing of your choice. Now cut and remove the waxed linen and discard the lower piece of 3/4" flat oval from the upper base.

Completed towel basket

The basket to the left has 1/2" flat reed as the weavers, inside rim and outside rim. Seagrass is the rim filler and the lashing is 3/16" flat oval.

1/2" dyed reed was used during the weaving to add visual appeal.

Enjoy your Towel Basket.

Materials / Supplies

Description Item Add to Cart
1 ea. - Towel 'D' Handle 8" x 15" x 7/8" Item 6215E Add
2 ft. - 3/4" Flat Oval Reed - Transition Piece Item 3334F Add
2 yds. - Dark Rust Waxed Linen 4 - Ply Item 7144Y Add
12 ft. - 5/8" Flat Reed - Uprights Item 1058F Add
28 ft. -1/2" Flat Reed - Weavers Item 1012F Add*
2 ft. - #1 Seagrass - Rim Filler Item 4071F Add
6 ft. - 3/16" Flat Oval Reed - Lashing Item 3316F Add
Various Colors of Dyed Reed Dyed Reed  

*You might want to consider ordering a full pound of 1/2" Flat Reed. For not much more money you'll receive enough 1/2" Flat Reed for 5 Towel Baskets.

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