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Splicing Flat Reed for Chair Seats

Staple the Overlap

As you warp a chair seat the flat reed will need to be spliced. Here is a very simple method using a household/office stapler. Keep all your splices on the under side of your chair seat.

1. Staple the overlap Overlap the flat reed about 4 to 6 inches. The smooth side of the reed of both pieces are facing 'up' in this picture.

2. Staple the two pieces together about 4 or 5 times.

Squeeze the sharp ends with pliers

3. Turn the pieces over and squeeze the sharp ends of the staples with a pair of pliers. This will prevent the ends from 'catching' as you continue weaving.

4. The ends of the staples will face to the inside of your chair seat. This means the rough side of the flat reed will also be facing to the inside.

5. When the seat is finished, any staples that are showing may be removed if desired.

Note: The splices in the weft of the chair seat do not need to be stapled.

Stool with Flat Reed

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