A new twist on a classic basket.

Instead of using Shaker Tape for the handles on her New England Tote Basket, Dana decided to adapt our leather purse strap & rim filler for a new look.

What a great idea! This basket is very attractive and is easy to make thanks to the time tested pattern from Dianne Stanton.

The photos below show how Dana adapted the pattern.

Thanks Dana!

New England Tote Basket with leather handles
New England Tote Basket with Leather Handles

NOTE: It takes 2 leather purse straps & rim filler for the Tote Basket.

Stitch the leather handle with waxed linen and a button.
The pre-punched holes in the purse handle make it a breeze to stitch the handle to your basket. Dana used wax linen and a wooden button to secure the handle.
The leather rim filler comes with the handle.
The leather rim filler is included with the handle.

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