How to Lash Rims

Lashing Your rims

After scarfing the rims (and rim filler), attaching them to your basket with clothespins or cable ties, you’re ready to lash the rims to the basket. In this example we’re double lashing the rims.

With a wet piece of very flexible material (we’re using 1/4" Flat Reed), start lashing just to the right of the outside rim overlap. (Be sure to orient the 1/4" Reed so that its smooth side will be facing out.) Secure one end of the 1/4" Flat Reed under the inside rim, beneath the rim filler, and under the outside rim as shown in Fig. 1.

Lashing Your Rims
Photo 1

Working left to right from the outside of your basket, insert the other end of your lashing between the next two spokes (to the right of your start) just below the rims. Pull one arm's-length of reed through to the inside of your basket. Now, insert the lashing's end between the next two spokes and pull it to the inside until you have a small loose loop of Reed around the rim.

After making three or four loops around the rims and between the spokes, tighten the loops of Reed—one at a time—from left to right by pulling to the inside. See Photo 1. Repeat the looping process working your way around the basket.

Lashing Your Rims
Photo 2 (Inside Basket)

If the Reed becomes dry, simply soak it again before continuing.

Remove the clothespins or ties as you progress.

At the handle, lash diagonally across the outside rim and continue lashing as before.

When your lashing reaches the place it began, simply lash in the opposite direction, completing the 'Xs' or cross stitches.

If one piece of lashing is not long enough to double lash, add-on another piece of lashing by securing the new piece of lashing, from the inside of your basket, under the rim and between the rim and the 'old' piece of lashing. See Photo 2. Use both the new and old pieces as you make the next lashing stitch—these pieces will lay directly on top of each other. Now, just continue the lashing with the new piece.

Lashing Your Rims
Photo 3 (Inside Basket)

Secure the old end of the lashing behind two weavers on the inside of your basket, and then fold the end upward over one weaver and behind one weaver. See Photo 3. Trim the end.

When the lashing is complete, you'll secure the end on the inside of the basket as described above. See Photo 3.

Gently shape the rims if needed.

Apple Basket with Double Lashing

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