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Using Dyed Cane in your Baskets

Using dyed cane
Work in Progress - 4" Nantucket Lightship Basket using Dyed and Natural Cane

Dyed the blackest brown, the outer surface of this Cane has been polished to accept the dye--thus its finish is flat (not shiny).

Follow the steps below to minimize the Dyed Cane from 'rubbing off' or bleeding.

  1. Soak Dyed Cane.
  2. Wipe cane with cloth or paper towel to remove excess dye.
  3. Let cane sit until almost dry.
  4. Use the cane while it is still flexible.

Weaving Idea: The upside down basket to the left uses alternating staves from 6mm Cane - one natural, one dyed black - and a chase weave using Super Fine Cane. The natural weavers are woven on top of the natural staves and the black weavers are woven on top of the black staves. This gives the basket a vertical stripe appearance.

Note: The chase weave in this basket requires an even number of staves and 2 weavers.

Dyed Cane may also be used as accent stripes in your baskets.

Dyed Cane is NOT recommended for chair seats.

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