Easy instructions for using Swing Handle with Ears in your baskets.


Apple basket with swing handle - no rims

After finishing the top edge of your basket by cutting and tucking the spokes (stakes), insert the tapered ends of the ears (legs) behind the weavers along a spoke both on the inside and outside of your basket. See Photo.

Your basket should be mostly dry to make it easier to slide the legs of the ears behind the weaving. The bottom of the ear notch should be even with the bottom of the top row of your basket.

Notice that the ears slide behind the weavers about 2 inches from the top of the basket.

Drawing of Swing Handle with Ears

Apple Basket with Swing Handle with Rims in place

Your 1/2" rim material will fit into the notches of the ears. Photo shows a 1/2" Half Round rim on the outside of the basket and a 1/2" Flat Oval rim on the inside of the basket.

The rim filler (in this case - #6 round reed) is placed between the legs of the ears.

The rims and rim filler are overlapped using a scarf joint.

The notches may be made larger to accommodate wider rim material. With a coping saw or small hand saw simply re-cut the notch. Make the new cut on the lower part of the notch.

Apple Basket with Swing Handle

Photo shows a completed Apple Basket with Swing Handle.

Swing handles are a wonderful way to enhance the beauty of round, oval and rectangular baskets.