Easy instructions for weaving your basket base using a 'D' Handle.

Weave accross the 'D' Handle

Center 4 stakes of your material across the base of the 'D' Handle. Alternately place one stake on top of the handle and the next stake under the handle. Leave a small space between the stakes.

Weave 4 stakes parallel to the base

Weave 4 stakes parallel to the base of the 'D' Handle. 2 stakes on one side of the 'D' Handle and 2 stakes on the other side. Leave a space between these new stakes forming a rectangular or square space between the weaving. Again make sure these new stakes are centered.

Weave rest of long stakes

Weave the remaining stakes that cross the handle's base. The stakes should be equidistant apart with a consistent space between the stakes.

Weave rest of shorter stakes

Complete the weaving of stakes parallel to the base of the 'D' Handle. The spaces between the stakes should all be the same size. To make your basket base square (or rectangular) - measure from corner to corner diagonally and adjust the weaving until these measurements are the same. You are now ready to upset your stakes, weave your basket, do the "cut and tuck" and lash your rims.

Note: This basket pattern provides generic information about weaving the base of a basket using a 'D' Handle. Information about weaving a complete basket may be found in the patterns and books sections of The Basket Maker's Catalog's web site.

Market basket with D handle

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