Installing Pressed Fiber Seating

Pressed Fiber Seat

Determine the size and shape you want your seat to be by using the old seat or by making a pattern with paper and fitting it to your chair. The seat size will be larger than the opening in the chair.

Transfer the size to the Fiber Seat by folding the pattern in half and in half again and using the crease marks to center the pattern on the seat--be sure the pattern is centered in the design area of the seat. DO NOT center your pattern from the outer edges of the seat (overall size may vary slightly). Trace the pattern lightly with a pencil. Trim seat to size with heavy-duty shears, tin cutters, band-saw or utility knife. Sand the trimmed edges of the seat with sandpaper. Save the scraps of your seat to “test” any stain or paint you’d like to apply.

Attach seat to your chair with upholstery nails. Evenly space nails around the seat placing them about 1/2” from the edge of the seat.

If nail head is about 3/8” diameter, and you have about 1/8” space between nail heads, you’ll need approximately 2 nails per inch around the seat. If you want to stain or paint the seat, first test the stain on a scrap of seat material. Apply stain then wipe quickly--the stain will remain darker in the recessed areas. If desired, just leave the seat natural.

These seats are tough and sturdy; they are impervious to water and no special care is required.

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