Candy Cane Basket

Diameter 4"

Candy Cane Basket Instructions

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Imagine this easy-to-make basket sitting in your kitchen or hanging near your phone. It's great for holding pencils, candy canes and all sorts of things. You could even place a small jar with ivy or a potted plant inside the basket, plus it makes a great gift.

Candy Cane Basket Size: 4" x 8.5"

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Description Item Add to Cart
10 ft. - #1 Round Reed - Twining base Item 2010F Add
14 ft. - 3/8" Flat Reed - Base and Uprights Item 1038F Add
23 ft. - 1/4" Flat Reed Natural - Weavers Item 1014F Add
3 ft. - 3/8" Flat Oval - Rims Item 3338F Add
3 ft. - 1/4" Flat Reed Forest Green (dyed) - Weavers Item FG14F Add
2 ft. - 1/4" Flat Reed Burgundy (dyed) - Weavers Item BU14F Add
1 ea. - Medium Star Wire Hanger Item 2432E Add

Hints in working with Reed:

  1. Check the pattern for soaking times for your reed. If reed becomes dry while you are weaving, dip it in water for a few seconds.
  2. Do not soak your reed too long; it will become mushy.
  3. Flat reed has a smooth side and a rough side. You can determine the rough side by sharply bending a wet piece of reed in half. The rough side will usually fray or splinter more than the smooth side.
  4. Keep your weaving even as you make your basket. Leave no space between the rows on the sides.
  5. As you weave, gently push or pull on the ribs so your basket has a pleasing shape.
  6. Reed should be completely dry before being stored.

Begin the Basket

1. Cut 8 spokes 16" long from 3/8" Flat Reed.

2. Mark the center of each spoke on the rough side of the reed with a pencil. Soak 2 pieces of #1 Round Reed (each piece 3 ft. long) and the 8 spokes.

2a. Criss-cross the spokes at their centers (rough side up), following the numbered sequence below:

layout bottom
make your hoops

Glue ands trim ends
tie hoops together

Making the God's eye

3. Begin the #1 Round weaver on top of the 8th spoke and weave around one complete time. Do not force the weaver too closely toward the center—allow it to weave and lay in a smooth circle.

After completing one round of weaving, place the second #1 Round weaver on top of the 1st spoke and weave 1 row with the second weaver.

Alternate rows, weaving with the first weaver, then with the second weaver, until you have completed 3 rows with each weaver.

Cut the weavers to lay on the inside of the basket (on the same spokes where you began). The base will measure about 3.5" to 4" in diameter.

Making the God's eye

4. Soak the base. Upset your basket by creasing each spoke upward at a right angle at the edge of the base.

Making the God's Eye

5. On the sides of your basket, each row is woven with a separate piece of reed. Soak the reed before weaving. Begin each weaver (smooth side out) on the outside of a spoke, weave around your basket and overlap the end of that weaver on 4 spokes.

NOTE: Keep your spokes vertical or flaring out just slightly. Maintain an even space between spokes as you weave, and make sure that the edges of the weavers touch each other.

Weave the rows as follows:
Row 1 3/8" Flat Reed
Rows 2 - 13 1/4" Flat (Natural)
Row 14 1/4" Flat (Green)
Row 15 1/4" Flat (Burgundy)
Row 16 1/4" Flat (Green)
Rows 17 - 20 1/4" Flat (Natural)

Making the God's Eye

6. Now, using a desktop stapler, staple the top row to every other spoke and cut the extending spokes flush with the top row.

Making the God's Eye

7. Bend the horizontal part of your Star Wire Hanger to match the curve of your basket. Place your Star on top of your basket and tuck the ends behind some weavers on the outside of your basket.

Making the God's Eye

8. Cut your inside and outside rims from 3/8" Flat Oval Reed. The length of your outside rim will be the distance around the top of your basket plus about 2" for the overlap. The inside rim will be a bit shorter. Carve away some of the thickness where the rims overlap to form a less bulky overlap.

Cut several pieces of #1 Round Reed for your rim filler. Soak your rims and rim filler; attach these with twist ties or clothespins around the top row of your basket . (Place the flat side of the each rim toward the basket.) Place the inside rim overlap at the front of the basket, and place the outside rim overlap at the back. Position the pieces of #1 Round Reed between the two rims, allowing the filler pieces to stop and start in several locations.

Making the God's Eye

9. To begin your lashing, secure a wet piece of 1/4" Flat Reed between two spokes, under the inside rim, under the fillers and under the outside rim. Turn the lashing so that its smooth side will be out as you lash over the rims.

Working left to right from the outside of your basket, lash over the rims and between each of the spokes. Pull the lashing tight with each stitch. Remove the pins or twist ties as you progress.

Finishing the God's Eye

To finish, tuck the end of your lashing behind one weaver on the inside of your basket. Bend the end upward and tuck under one weaver. Trim the excess lashing. Gently shape the basket if needed.

Enjoy your Candy Cane Basket!

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