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Windows Globe Basket Pattern

"Like a great many of my basket designs this one was an accident. Years ago I taught lots of...

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"Like a great many of my basket designs, this one was an accident. Years ago I taught lots of one-night quickie classes featuring the cat head basket. I started a basket as a demonstration in every class, but I never got past the first few rows of weaving. Consequently, I had lots of started baskets and a great distaste for finishing them all into proper little catheads. One basket had gotten off to a rather fat start, so I decided to capitalize on that. I had been making a lot of baskets that incorporated what Sosse Baker invented and called "Cathedral Windows " after the quilt pattern of the same name. I added just one row of the pattern, then took the basket in very quickly so as to avoid the need for a traditional handle and rim. The result was a success and the baskets were very popular with my customers... to the point that I came to hate making it. After a suitable "cooling off period" and a fine-tuning of the design, I have decided that it really is a good design with a lot to teach, so I am happy to present it to you now. Perhaps you even have some left-over dyed 3/8" and 3/4" flat reed lying around just waiting for a project." -- Judith Olney, author. Basket measures 4" at the base, 7" tall and is 12" at the widest point.  

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Windows Globe Basket Pattern