Handles and Hoops 

Basket Handles

Handles and Hoops

You'll find Swing Handles to Wire Handles. Choose from the categories below.


  • Bushel Handles - Side Handle - Feet
    Side Handles

    Bushel Basket and Side Handles

    Get a good grip on your pack basket and other baskets with these White Oak and White Ash side handles.

  • Handle Fillers
    Handle fillers

    Handle Fillers

    If you need a quick and easy handle to finish off a basket, these Ash Handle Fillers are for you. Handle Fillers work exceptionally well if you wrap or cover your handle with narrow Flat Reed or Cane.

  • Leather Handles
    Leather Handles

    Finely Crafted Leather Handles. Choose from Braided, Plain and Straps.

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  • Market 'D' Handles
    Market D Handle

    Market D Handles

    American made and economical, these Solid Hardwood Market 'D' Handles have strong, glued finger joints. Sizes are approximate.

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  • Notched Handles
    Notched Handle

    Notched Handles

    You'll love the way these handles look and feel in your baskets!

  • Oval - Rectangular - Square - Half 'D' Hoops

    Oval - Rectangular - Square - Half 'D' Hoops

    Oval Hoops are perfect for your Oval Melon Rib Construction Baskets.

    Use these Square and Rectangular Hoops like a 'D' Handle for market baskets or use in pairs for rib construction baskets. They make great rims too! Square edges with glued scarf joint.

    Combine Oval Hoops with Half' 'D' Hoops for a Rib Construction Half Basket.

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  • Round Hoops

    Round Hoops

    These are economical American-made solid Hardwood hoops. Sizes are approximate.

  • Swing Handles
    Swing Handles

    Swing Handles

    Beautiful as well as useful, White Oak Swing Handles with Ears fit almost any basket from 5" up to 12".

    Instructions for Using Swing Handles with Video

  • Wire Handles
    Wire Handles

    Wire Handles

    Add a little swing to your baskets with these Wire Handles. Grips are hardwood.

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  • Wire Hangers
    Wire Hangers

    Wire Hangers

    Simply place a Wire Hanger between your rims and lash. Great for gifts and for seasonal and special occasions.

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