FREE Basket and Chair Seating Patterns

FREE Basket and Chair Seating Patterns

Enjoy these FREE basket and chair bottom patterns from The Basket Maker's Catalog.
Please feel free to print the patterns, copy the patterns and share the patterns with your friends.

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Kentucky Berry Basket Pattern

Kentucky Berry Basket Instructions

The Kentucky Berry Basket was created by Scott Gilbert for the Kentucky Basket Association Newsletter, Reed and Cane.

It's a basic plain weave basket with a beautiful 8" handcrafted White Oak Swing Handle with Ears.

FREE - Online Pattern Kentucky Berry Basket

County Fair Basket Pattern

County Fair Basket Pattern Sheet
by Martha Arterburn and Beth Hester

Each year Martha Arterburn, County Extension Agent for 4-H Youth Development, and I put our thinking caps on and "design" a basket for a 4-H Basket Workshop here in Allen County, Kentucky. This year Martha was gifted with several boxes of reed from two generous local basket weavers and those sizes of material and donated handles were our inspiration.

The County Fair Basket has a wooden base, handcrafted oak Swing Handle and 5/8" stakes; it's woven with 1/4" natural and dyed flat and flat oval. An easy and fun basket — just a great little weaving project!

Size: 8" diameter x 7" tall

FREE - Online Pattern Sheet for County Fair Basket

Summer Shoulder Bag Pattern

Summer Shoulder Bag Pattern
by Beth Hester

As women we often find ourselves hauling an extra load — be it books and papers as we head to a gathering, snacks as we watch children practice or perform, our tablet or laptop, knitting/handwork (just in case we find some time during the day), or our current favorite book from the library.

When designing this Shoulder Bag I was thinking of the summer ahead, upcoming travels and family gatherings. In addition, I wanted to use up some short ends of dyed reed that had accumulated from classes and other projects. This basket's size is 3" x 13" x 13" tall and each row of weaving is about 3 feet in length. I'm giving you the 'Recipe' I used, but I encourage you to think of your particular needs, get out your leftovers, add a pound of 5/8" Flat for stakes and some weavers, gather your rim materials and choose the style handle that appeals to you!

FREE - Online Pattern Sheet for Summer Shoulder Bag Basket

Ladder Back Chair Seat

Weaving a Ladder Back Chair Seat with Flat Reed

Sometime in the early 1980s, Lestel Childress, a fifth generation white oak basket maker from Park City Kentucky, showed Beth and I how to weave a seat for a ladder back chair. The following instructions are based on Lestel's method. Instead of white oak splits, we are using flat reed for our chair seat. Flat reed is inexpensive, makes a strong chair seat and will last for years.

FREE - Online Instructions for Weaving a Ladder Back Chair Seat

How much flat reed or 6mm binder cane will I need to re-seat my chair seat(s) using these instructions? The answer is here: The Flat Reed Chair Seat Calculator.

Sarah's Wedding Basket Pattern

Sarah's Wedding Basket Pattern
2013 by Beth Hester and Colette Brann

FREE - Online Instructions for Sarah's Wedding Basket

Sarah's future Mother-In-Law, Colette, wanted something special for the upcoming rehearsal dinner party. So, Beth suggested they weave a basket around their antique Blue Mason Jars.

This quick and fun project makes a very attractive flower vase. By only weaving the bottom and top the blue jar shines through.

I think the guests will be impressed with the handmade woven touch!

Mule Skinner Basket Pattern

Mule Skinner Basket Pattern
2013 by Beth Hester - Lynne Marrs Hammer Ferguson

A full 14” tall, this beautiful basket brings to life the “days on the trail” of the pioneers. With the adjustable leather mule bridle, made in Allen County, Kentucky, carrying your favorite gear is easy and comfortable. Hang it from your wagon or put it to work for your lifestyle today.

It’s a great intermediate-level project featuring shadow weave with natural and dyed reed, a filled bottom with twined perimeter, the beautiful bridle handle, and a double lashed rim. Thanks to Joanne Dunaway, friend and fellow Kentucky basket maker, and to Lynne Marrs Hammer Ferguson, Artist in Residence, Kentucky Museum at Western Kentucky University, for their inspiration in developing this pattern.

FREE - Online Instructions for the Mule Skinner Basket

Weaving a Hickory Bark Chair Seat Pattern

Weaving a Hickory Bark Chair Seat Pattern
2002 by GH Productions Inc.

Hickory bark, a traditional chair seating material, is beautiful and long-lasting. A 35 yard bundle (5/8" to 3/4" wide) will seat one average-size ladder-back chair (approximately 15" x 13"). the rocker takes about 40 to 45 yards of bark.

FREE - Online Instructions for the Hickory Bark Chair Seat Pattern

Melon Shaped Egg Basket Pattern

Melon Shaped Egg Basket Pattern
2012 by GH Productions Inc.

This pattern is easy-to-make and recommended for you if you have never made an egg basket.

You'll learn the Kentucky-style 'eye' and rib construction. The spherical shape makes this the simplest egg basket.

Supplies Needed: Scissors or Shears, Chip Carving Knife or Razor Knife, Slip-joint Pliers, Pencil, Measuring Tape, Container to hold water, Basketry Awl and 2 Twist Ties

FREE - Online Instructions for the Egg Shaped Melon Basket Pattern

Apple Basket with Swing Handle Pattern

Apple Basket with Swing Handle Pattern
2012 by GH Productions Inc.

Apple Basket pattern uses spoke construction featuring a double bottom, continuous weave and a 12" Round White Oak Swing Handle with Ears. The basket measures 12 inches in diameter and 7 inches in height.

FREE - Online Instructions for the Apple Basket with Swing Handle Pattern

How to Make a Perfect Scarf Joint

How to Make a Perfect Scarf Joint for Your Rims
2012 by GH Productions Inc.

FREE - Online Instructions for Carving a Scarf Joint

Sharpen Your Hand Plane

An Easy Method for Sharpening Your Hand Plane
2012 by GH Productions Inc.

FREE - Online Instructions for Sharpening Your Hand Plane

Small Egg Basket

Small Egg Basket
Scott Gilbert

In South Central Kentucky the rib construction basket is commonly called the Egg Basket.

The egg basket is not difficult to make. There are only 4 basic parts: The hoops, the lashing or "eye", the ribs and the weaving.

This little basket would make a lovely holiday decoration and would be fun to make with your friends. Enjoy!

Diameter: 4"

FREE - Online Instructions for the Small Egg Basket

Homemakers Basket Pattern

Homemakers Basket Pattern Sheet
Beth Hester

This beautiful and sturdy basket was created for Janis Steele, President of the Meador Homemakers Club.

It's one of those baskets you'll enjoy weaving—just add your own variety of color and materials for the accent rows and you're set with a basket to use or one to give as a gift.

Basket size: 12 in. diameter x 9 in. tall.

FREE - Online Pattern Sheet for Homemakers Basket

Out the Door Quick

Out the Door Quick

'Out the Door Quick' is just that—quick and easy. It's great for hanging on a doorknob or peg in your kitchen or family room—the perfect place to keep keys or paperwork. Make up a couple of these and use them to help you stay organized, or make them as gifts!

Created by Delane Kolbe of Lebanon, Tennessee, this neat little basket measures about 6 in. x 4 in. at its base. Make this easy piece 10 inches tall or make the shorter version at just 4.5 inches tall. Either way, you'll weave with natural and dyed reed, finish with a standard rim and use a short length of Shaker Tape for the handle.

FREE - Online Instructions for Out the Door Quick

Marie's Handbag Basket Pattern

Marie's Handbag Basket Pattern Sheet

This little Basket Handbag is named in memory of Marie Levan, Marsha Holm's niece, who lost her 2 year battle with cancer, October 2008, at the age of 37. Marie was a pre-school teacher, a wife and a mother. "She was full of life and love," says author Marsha Holm. "One of her loves was for purses and I think she would have liked this one!"

Basket size: 9 in. x 5 in. at rim; 8 in. tall.

FREE - Online Instructions for Marie's Handbag

Show Your Spirit

Show Your Spirit

Carry this tall, striking basket to your favorite sports team's tailgating events, to the pool, to crafting classes or anywhere you are hauling a load. The wooden base adds to the durability and the Shaker Tape Handles are flexible and strong. Made of natural and dyed reed material.

Personalize with colors of your favorite team or any colors you desire.

Special thanks to Lynne Marrs Hammer Ferguson, Artist In Residence, Kentucky Museum / Western Kentucky University, for her inspiration in developing this pattern.

FREE - Online Instructions for Show Your Spirit

Shelly's Basket Pattern

Shelly's Basket
Designed by Shelly Bychowski

You’ll be inspired to make several of these — weave them all natural or add bands of color. Start with an 8” slotted base and a few rows of twining on 1/2” flat stakes. Weave stop-start rows and finish off with 5/8” flat oval rims. What could be easier?

Shelly’s Basket was designed “out of necessity” as a waste basket by a friend who enjoys basket making and is a ribbon-winning needleworker from Northern Illinois. Shelly hones her skills at Basketcases, a wonderfully unique quilt shop and basket studio in Clare. Thanks for sharing a great basket, Shelly!

FREE - Online Instructions for Shelly's Basket - Including a Video Slide Show!

Add runners to your basket

Add Runners to Your Basket

Putting runners on a basket is very easy but it does require some woodworking experience.

Runners not only add value to your basket but they give it extra support and help protect the basket's bottom.

Do it yourself or ask a friend with woodworking tools to help.

FREE - Online How-To for Adding Runners to a Basket

Cane Webbing Instructions

Cane Webbing Chair Seat Instructions

If your chair has a groove around the seat opening, then choose Cane Webbing for replacing the seat.

FREE - Online Cane Webbing Chair Seat Instructions

Melissa's Basket

Melissa's Basket

Originally made for Michael Sims' niece, Melissa, in December 1999, this popular basket is generously sized and easy to make. It's a great beginner project.

FREE - Online Melissa Basket Pattern

A Woven Heart

A Woven Heart
by Joyce Lantz - Sylva, NC

I loved these little woven hearts when I first saw them at Dogwood Crafters in Dillsboro, NC. When the crafter retired, I began making them for the shop, a craft cooperative. The originals were mainly red for Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but I choose to make them in many different variations for all occasions. They are easy to make, fun to give and always bring a smile.- Joyce Lantz

FREE - Online A Woven Heart Pattern with Video

The Garden Basket

The Garden Basket
by Beth Hester

The Scottsville, Kentucky Garden Club organized a basket workshop for its members and they asked me to create a useful basket with wooden base, braided seagrass and one of our signature oak swing handles. They've named it 'The Garden Basket'; it's pretty, it's practical and it's one you'll use often whether outside in the garden or indoors. Starting with an 8" round slotted base and using 5/8" flat for the spokes, this easy-to-make Garden Basket has accent rows of #0 seagrass, braided seagrass and moss green dyed reed. What a great addition to your collection. Finished size: 10" Diameter x 7" High.

FREE - Online The Garden Basket Pattern

Basket for Janice

Basket for Janice
by Beth Hester

Generously sized with 2 beautiful 12” Oak Swing Handles, this basket is easy to make and recommended for beginners. Designed for my special friend Janice Walden—a gardener, basket maker and champion quilter—it has a filled bottom and is woven in plain weave with smoked and natural reed.
Finished size: 12” x 18” x 8”.

FREE - Online Basket for Janice Pattern

4-H Williamsburg Basket Pattern

4-H Williamsburg Basket Pattern
by Beth Hester

The Basket Maker's Catalog is again privileged to teach a group of Allen County Kentucky 4-Hers. This summer's 4-H Basket Project is the Williamsburg Basket, made with a medium-sized Williamsburg 'D' Handle; it's accented with 3 rows of green (the official 4-H color).

FREE - Online 4-H Williamsburg Basket Pattern

Gracious Goodness Carrier Basket Pattern

Gracious Goodness Carrier
by Beth Hester

In the Spring of 2009 a group of friends requested I design a basket that would be perfect for carrying casserole dishes of food and other items to community potlucks and church socials.

They love the generous size of this Carrier and especially appreciate the two beautiful white oak handles, handmade in our shop in Scottsville, Kentucky, that lay flat on the rim for serving.


FREE - Online Gracious Goodness Basket Pattern

4-H Swing Basket Pattern

4-H Swing Basket Pattern
2008 by Martha Arterburn and Beth Hester

This new basket was created for beginning 4-H basket makers. We hope you'll enjoy this FREE Basket Pattern using the unique 8" x 12" 'D' Swing Handle.

Many thanks to Martha Arterburn, Allen County, Kentucky Extension Agent for 4-H Youth Development.

FREE - 4-H Swing Basket Pattern

Soteria Green Basket Pattern

Soteria Green Basket Pattern
by Beth Hester

In 2008 my sister, Mary Hester-Gragg, opened a new location of Soteria, her Health Food Store, in White House, Tennessee. To promote basketry classes at Soteria and the philosophy of reuse and recycling, this shopping basket was designed to fit behind the driver's seat or in the trunk of your car.

It's a great piece that you'll enjoy using time and again.

FREE - Soteria Green Basket Pattern

Waxed Linen Ornament Pattern

Waxed Linen Ornament - for Vadie
by Beth Hester

New for 2008! Lovely needle-weave ornaments--perfect for your holiday tree, for hanging in a window or trimming a present. A wonderful gift as well.

FREE - Online Step-By-Step Waxed Linen Ornament Weaving Instructions

Simple Wooden Footstool Assembly Instructions

Simple Wooden Footstool Item #6888E Assembly Instructions

FREE - Online Footstool Assembly Instructions

Shaker Tape Instructions

Shaker Tape Seating for Chairs, Rockers and Stools from The Basket Maker's Catalog

Shaker Tape seats are quite beautiful and will give you years of great service. Whether you're seating a chair or a stool, you'll enjoy this easy weaving adventure!

FREE - Online Step-By-Step Shaker Tape Weaving Instructions

Mini Loaf Holiday Basket Pattern

Mini Loaf Holiday Basket Pattern

New for 2007, the Mini Loaf Basket is perfect for the holidays. Imagine your friend's delight when they receive this basket - made by you - filled with your fresh baked holiday bread or other goodies. They'll enjoy using your basket year after year.

FREE - Online Mini Loaf Holiday Pattern

Peppermint Twist Holiday Basket Pattern

Peppermint Twist Basket Pattern

New for 2006

Enjoy this easy to make basket. The Peppermint Twist makes an excellent gift for your family and friends. Features a filled bottom, French Randing and decorative side handles.
Size: 4" x 3" x 4 1/2" tall including handles.

FREE - Online Peppermint Twist Holiday Pattern

Swing Your Partner Basket Pattern

Swing Your Partner Basket Pattern
by Beth Hester

An intermediate project, inspired by the Cherokees' use of honeysuckle to make rows of 'wheels' around a basket, this pattern was developed using smoked and natural reed material. The basket has a wooden base, a bit of triple twine and plain weave, and is topped off with two of our handcrafted white oak swing handles. It’s a basket that you'll fall in love with and enjoy using. Finished size: 13" x 9" x 9.5".

FREE - Online Swing Your Partner Basket Pattern

Springtime Tote Basket Pattern

Springtime Tote Basket Pattern
by Beth Hester

Around Mother's Day this year I created this colorful, feminine basket—with my mom, Betty Hester, in mind. It's generously sized, woven with flat and round reed on a wooden base and has a "Heart" handle. I hope you enjoy weaving this...with one of your favorite people in mind.

FREE - Online Springtime Tote Basket Pattern

June Blue Basket Pattern

June Blue Basket Pattern
by Joan Tuck

Joan says she really enjoyed making this basket--the hardest part was starting the first row and getting the weaver just where she wanted it. This was the first time she tried the 3-strand braid for her rim filler. Using the round reed was a pleasure and Joan says she would like to have time to make more of these baskets.

FREE - Online June Blue Basket Pattern

Spirals in the Smoke Basket Pattern

Spirals in the Smoke Basket Pattern
by Janice Walden

Janice created this using one of our small round slotted bases; she really likes the look of the over 2, under 1 spiral and its combination with natural and smoked reed. It was an easy basket but did require some practice to keep the shape she wanted.

FREE - Online Spirals in the Smoke Basket Pattern

Simple Gift Basket Pattern

Simple Gift Basket Pattern
by GH Productions Inc.

Filled with your favorite holiday cookies or candy, the Simple Gift Basket makes a special gift for family and friends. It's the perfect thank you for a child's teacher or your favorite hostess.

Simple, yet elegant, the Simple Gift Basket is easy to make and features a unique handle made with #4 round reed and waxed linen.

FREE - Online Simple Gift Basket Pattern

Card Basket Pattern

Holiday Card Basket Pattern
by GH Productions Inc.

This Holiday Card Basket is fun, quick, and easy-to-make. It measures 8" x 5" x 8" including the 8" Ash Heart Handle. The basket has a filled base, is flat in the back and 'bowed out' in the front, and the sides are independent rows of 1/2" Flat Reed in natural, green and cheery

FREE - Online Holiday Card Basket Pattern

Napkin Basket Pattern

Napkin Basket with Star Wire Hanger Pattern
by GH Productions Inc.

This 6" x 3" x 6" basket is great for holding napkins, paperwork or even pencils. You can easily add dyed weavers or change the wire hanger to match your decor.

FREE - Online Napkin Basket with Star Wire Hanger Pattern

Snowman Basket Pattern

Snowman Basket Pattern
by GH Productions Inc.

This Easy-To-Make basket is a great project for the holidays and it would look fantastic hanging on your tree or sitting on your mantel with your other holiday decorations. Plus, they make quick and easy gifts.

Remember. . . Once your friends see your Snowman Basket they'll want one too.

FREE - Online Snowman Basket Pattern

Ornament Basket Pattern

Ornament Pattern
by GH Productions Inc.

Imagine Your Tree covered with dozens of delightful Holiday Baskets. These baskets, that you and your family made, are sure to find a place in your home for years to come.

This basket measures 3" x 4" x 5" including the handle. The base is plaited and the sides are woven in a chasing weave using #1 Round Reed. The basket is finished with a 3" Round Ash Handle and lashed rims.

FREE - Online Ornament Basket Pattern

Candy Cane Basket Pattern

Candy Cane Basket Pattern
by GH Productions Inc.

Imagine this easy-to-make basket sitting in your kitchen or hanging near your phone. It's great for holding pencils, candy canes and all sorts of things. You could even place a small jar with ivy or a potted plant inside the basket, plus it makes a great gift. Candy Cane Basket Size: 4" x 8.5"

FREE - Online Candy Cane Basket Pattern

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