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Reed for Baskets and Chair Bottoms
Dyed Reed Add some color to your baskets with our Dyed Reed. ON SALE.
Reed by the Foot When you only need a few feet, order Reed by the Foot.
Reed by the Pound 1st Quality Reed sold in 1 pound coils. Selected sizes ON SALE.

Hints in Working with Reed

  • Soaking Flat Reed 1 or 2 minutes in warm water is usually long enough to make it flexible.  Round, Flat Oval, Half Round Reeds, and Canes require a longer soaking time.  Always check your pattern for specific instructions.
  • Always allow Reed to dry out before storing.
  • Flat Reed has a smooth side and a rough side.  The rough side will usually fray or splinter more than the smooth side.  Most basket makers prefer the smooth side to be the outside of their baskets.
  • You can help control the shape of your basket by keeping an even tension on the weaver and by gently pushing or pulling on the stakes or ribs as you weave.
  • Add color to your baskets to make them uniquely yours.


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